Friday, April 2nd, saw the 6th and last Lent Lunch for this year which raised £136 for the charity Canine Partners, based in Midhurst.
Wheel-chair bound Gulf War veteran Allen Parton and his wonderful companion dog Endal came along to the lunch. Afterwards, Allen told us about how Endal helps him in so many ways. His ability to use the cash dispenser, and also in the event of Allen blacking out, will put him into the recovery position, cover him with a blanket and activate the emergency phone. Recently, after a “hit and run” accident Endal did exactly that and saved Allen’s life. If it seems incredible, it was captured on CCTV camera and Endal was awarded the Dickin Medal for Devotion to Duty and Life Saving (the Animal George Cross medal).
Allen’s story was heart-touching but it was Endal, who having captured the nation’s imagination, certainly stole the show (along with a few titbits of bread and cheese) at the Village Hall!
Allen Parton and Endal
Allen Parton, seen above with Jean Norkett, Marian Cresswell, Olga Crowhurst who organised the lunch with Sarah Barter (who took the photographs) and Malcolm Wells, Community Fundraiser for Canine Partners and, of course, Allen's companion dog Endal.
Lent Lunch
Some of those who came to the Lent Lunch pose with Allen and Endal on Froyle Recreation ground