Aerial Photographs
The pictures on this page are from aerial photographs of Upper and Lower Froyle taken over a period of nearly 50 years.
They are from postcards and personal photographs.

Lower Froyle 1991
Lower Froyle in 1991. The view is from an Easterly direction and you can clearly see the main ‘street’ with Sylvesters Farm at the bottom and Long Barlands at the top. The diagram below marks some points of identification.:- 

Map 1 Recreation Ground.
2 Sylvesters Farm.
3 Village Shop.
4 Methodist Church.
5 Prince of Wales.
6 Rock House Farm area.
Lower Froyle 1991
Another angle, this time in colour, looking from the West with Brecklands in the foreground. Identifiable points are:-

Map 1 Brecklands (The Old Workhouse).
2 The Village Hall and Recreation Ground.
3 Hadwicks Corner.
Upper Froyle in 1956
Upper Froyle in 1956 after Froyle Place had become the Treloar College.
Buildings easily identified are:-

1 Froyle Place.
2 New accomodation for the college.
3 The Manor House.
4 Upper Froyle village pond.
5 Froyle House.
Upper Froyle 1998
A newer view of Upper Froyle taken from the opposite direction to the one above.
Map 1 Heywood House.
2 Froyle Place - now Gasston House.
3 St Mary’s Church.
4 Froyle House - now The White House.

Blundens Farm
This view of Blundens Farm was taken before a new manor house was built on the site of the old barns. Notable feature are:-

Map 1 Blundens - originally the farm house.
2 Blundens Farm Cottage.
3 This area is now a modern manor house.
4 Next to Blundens is Gid Lane.
This view of the area in Lower Froyle from above Sylvesters was taken on August 17th 2001 at about 4 in the afternoon. Notable features are:-

Map 1 The Old Malthouse
until 1998 this was “The Prince of Wales” public house.
2 Hadwick’s Corner
3 The Methodist Church.
4 Lower Froyle Shop.
5 Sylvesters Farm barns
Lower Froyle
This view of the area in Lower Froyle around the Well Lane junction and was taken on August 17th 2001 at about 4 in the afternoon. Notable features are:-

Map 1 The Old Malthouse
until 1998 this was “The Prince of Wales” public house.
2 The site of St. Joseph’s Church.
3 The shed in the garden of Warren Cottage that was probably used by Aquila Clapshoe to make cricket bats in the 18th Century.

This is an aerial view of Sylvesters Farm in Lower Froyle, taken, probably, in the late 1980s. There are two items of note:

1 Sylvesters Farm House, dating from the 1600s
2 Sylvesters Oast



This photograph was taken in either 1985 or 1986 and shows the area around Lower Froyle Stores. There are two main areas of interest:

1 The original Dwelling House that was connected on the left to a kiln and Malthouse. These two buildings were demolished in the 1920s and the materials used to build two cottages, one of which is visible on the centre left of the picture.
2 The shop front extension, originally built in 1908. In the 21st Century this was demolished. For more details and history of this area see The Shop in Lower Froyle (Map & Links).


Husseys Lane 2001
This is part of Hussey’s Lane in Lower Froyle and was taken on the same pass as the picture of Well Lane (above). Husseys Lane is marked in red.

Map 1 These farm buildings are on the site of Baldwins Farm Cottages - see Memories, Inventory of Baldwins Farm to learn more.
2 Hussey’s Farmhouse.
3 Brewery Cottage.