Builder's Marks
Here are a few Builder’s Marks from around the village
Limit Cottages
Limit Cottages in Husseys Lane - IT 1773
St Mary's
St Mary’s Church tower - rebuilt in 1722, possibly the initials of the builders
St Mary's
Chimney stack of 2 Park Lane - GH on the left with a date of 1797 on the right, possibly preceded by the letters HW
Aldersey Cottage Rose Cottages
Aldersey Cottage
AC is most likely Aaron Cager
Rose Cottages
WW is William Westbrook
Rock Cottage Blundens fireplace
Rock Cottage
WW is William Westbrook
Blundens fireplace
TH is Thomas Heath
Floorboards Benchmark
The Prince of Wales
Builders names on the floorboards from 1910
St Mary’s Church
An Ordnance Survey benchmark outside the main doorway
(119.l3481 metres - 391 ft 6inches above sea level)