Brocas from the sale of 1915
The name Brocas goes back many centuries in the records of Froyle. John de Brocas, a refuge from Gascony, took service with Edward III. He fought at Crecy (1346) and at the siege of Calais, and for his services he became Sir John Brocas and received manors at about seven places in Hampshire, including Froyle. Brocas was acquired by the Jephsons in about 1639 and sold to the Fiennes in 1652. By 1639 it had, like Husseys, become part of the chief manor. The rebuilding was probably due to Joseph Tarrant, living here in 1750, or James, his son, who married Ann Westbrook in 1777.
The picture is from the sale catalogue for the Froyle House Estate and was taken in 1915.