Lady Smiley's Diary

As well as the photograph albums, Lady Smiley kept a diary. Sir John has very kindly been through his mother’s wartime diaries and copied out these entries which record activity over Froyle.
1940 June 6th Air Raid Warning
    7th ARP Meeting in the Hut
    24th Air Raid Warning
    25th 11.15pm to 03.30am Planes overhead. Two explosions shake house
    30th 1.15am Planes overhead, 2 bombs dropped at 2.00am (to the NE of Shrubbery House)
  July 23rd Air Raid Warning. Planes overhead
  August 13th Bombs and dog fight overhead
    16th 5.00am Siren. Noise of 100s of planes overhead. Occasional bombs and gunfire lasting ten minutes
    22nd 11.30pm Terrific explosion Red glow in the sky
    26th Planes and explosions
    27th Planes and explosions for 4 hours
  September 9th Air fight overhead. Mr Brown (the gardener) sees 6 planes come down.
    10th Planes all night
    11th Planes all night
    16th Planes all night
    25th Very noisy. Bombs heard.
  October 18th Mr & Mrs Lovett, evacuees from Poplar, arrive
1941 April 23rd “Canadians here”
1943 Mid year   Frequent references to Canadian Officers dining at the house
1944 June 20th Doodlebug (V1 flying bomb) flies over the house
  July 24th Mrs Jarvis and 5 children evacuees arrive