Froyle House 1939

In December 1937 the Smiley family moved into Froyle House (for more details see under Froyle House from the Upper Froyle (map & links) item on the Contents menu). On September 3rd 1939 Lady Smiley recorded, for her family album, the arrival of A Squadron of the 12th Royal Lancers in the stable yard. They requisitioned the garages and stablesĀ forĀ their armoured cars and the soldiers. The Squadron officers were given the guest rooms on the top floor of the house. The Squadron stayed at Froyle House for about three weeks until they went over to France with the British Expeditionary Force.
September 3rd 1939
September 1939
September 3rd 1939
The photographs above show the men queuing for lunch (top) and preparing for an inspection (lower two)
Luckily Lady Smiley captioned her pictures so we know who was who.
Pat Summers, Christopher Noel-Buxton,
Peter Arkwright & Maurice Barker
Maurice Barker, Andrew Horsburgh-Porter,
Pat Summers & Peter Arkwright