Froyle Place in World War 1
Froyle Place 1912
The postcard above shows Froyle Place in 1912 when it was the home of Mr. F.B.Summers. There had been little change by late 1914 when the second photograph was taken. The house had then become a Military Hospital, known as Froyle Place Military Hospital. The next pages show some of the troops convalescing and the nurses who looked after them. Instead of trying to interpret the names written below the pictures in the album, I have included these with the pictures. If you should recognise anyone, or know of some relative, friend or acquaintance who was at Froyle Place during World War 1 we would love to hear from you.
At the end of April 2012 the Archive was contacted by Andy Crews who kindly scanned an autograph book he had found while clearing out his mother in law’s house. So far we have been unable to associate any of the entries in the book with the people in the photograph album. Follow the Autograph Book menu item below.
Froyle Place 1914