The Gardens of Froyle Place
Froyle Place entrance border plan 1929Planting list for the border
Front entrance 2002
Froyle Place, like all ‘Big Houses’, had large gardens and these needed quite a team of gardeners to maintain them. In the period 1928 to 1933 the Head Gardener for Colonel Innes was Mr.F. Horn. He lived at Gothic Cottage in Upper Froyle, and two of his sons, Colin & Derek, came to the Froyle Village Reunion in June 1999. They brought with them some of his notebooks in which he recorded his plans and planting of the gardens.
The picture above is the entrance drive to Froyle Place today - Froyle Place is now Gasston House of the Lord Mayor Treloar School. The drawing on the left is Mr. Horn’s design for the planting of the border in 1929. Currently both sides of the drive are laid to grass. The other page is his list of plantings for that particular border. Gothic Cottage 1933
The Horn family lived in Gothic Cottage and this photograph (right), taken in 1933, shows Colin, Derek and their mother on the front steps of the cottage.