Autumn Show Results 2004

Section A Vegetables & Fruit      
1st 2nd 3rd
Family exhibit B.&E.Milam Barter&Norkett A.&R.Figgins
Collection of vegetables
6 Cherry tomatoes A.Blunt G.Hawkins J.Cresswell
6 Tomatoes G.Hawkins A.Figgins F.Knight
3 Onions G.Hawkins
2 Cabbage
8 Runner beans F.Knight G.Hawkins
6 French beans
3 Beet G.Hawkins F.Knight
3 Potatoes G.Hawkins
4 Carrots M.Court
2 Marrows
6 Shallots F.Knight
Longest runner bean F.Knight G.Hawkins
3 Leeks
4 Dessert apples G.Hawkins R.Cresswell F.Knight
4 Cooking apples F.Knight G.Hawkins
4 Pears R.Cresswell G.Hawkins
12 Cane fruit A.Figgins G.Hawkins
4 Stone fruit A.Figgins A.Blunt
Any other fruit A.Figgins A.Blunt R.Cresswell
Section B Flowers      
3 Dahlias - Decorative F.Bye F.Knight
3 Dahlias - Min. ball F.Bye A.Blunt M.Court
3 Dahlias - Cactus F.Bye A.Blunt G.Hawkins
3 Dahlias (not above classes) F.Knight F.Bye G.Hawkins
3 Chrysanthemums M.Pritchard
1 Large Hybrid tea rose (Figgins cup) R.Bennett J.Cresswell F.Knight
Any other rose J.Cresswell S.Fitch
5 Annual asters R.Bennett J.Wright G.Hawkins
Berried shrub (one spray) A.Blunt M.Cresswell
6 Fuchsia flowers J.Cresswell S.Fitch F.Knight
9 Stems mixed flowers (grown from seed) R.Bennett M.Cresswell
6 Garden flowers (may inc. shrubs) G.Hawkins M.Pritchard R.Bennett
3 Penstemon M.Court M.Pritchard
Pot plant in flower J.Cresswell B.Milam A.Figgins
Cactus or Succulent M.Wilde M.Cresswell
Pot plant Foliage J.Cresswell S.MacNabb
Plant of the year G.Hawkins J.Trim F.Knight
Section C - Domestic
Jar of jam (exc. Strawberry) A. Figgins C.Barter J.Trim
Jar of jelly C.Barter A.Figgins
2 kinds preserves B.Milam A.Figgins C.Barter
4 Cheese scones B.Milam J.Trim M.Cresswell
Blacberry & Apple tart J.Trim A.Figgins B.Milam
All-in-0ne Fruit Cake J.Trim A.Figgins M.Cresswell
Plaited loaf M.Cresswell A.Figgins C.Barter
Section D - Flower Arrangement    
“A Poem Portrayed” S.Thursfield B.Milam M.Cresswell
"Lovely Leaves" B.Milam M.Cresswell
"Spirit of Autumn" M.Cresswell B.Milam
“Autumn Colour” J.Trim A.Blunt M.Court
"Fungi" J.Trim M.Cresswell
"Water" J.Trim M.Court J.Fenn
"Trains,Boats or Planes" M.Cresswell J.Fenn M.Wilde

Rose Bowl - G.Club member with most points in the Horticultural Section Mr G.Hawkins
Tuke-Hastings Family Trophy - winners of class 1 Mr & Mrs Milam
Graham Blunt Trophy with a Diploma for Excellence in the Horticulture Section A Mrs A.Figgins
Newton-Davies Trophy most points in the Flower Arrangement Section Mrs B.Milam
Figgins Trophy - winner of class 25 Mrs R.Bennett
Blachford Trophy - most points in the Domestic Section Mrs A.Figgins
Pollock Rose Bowl - Judge's choice in the Photographic Section Mrs A. Blunt

Another successful show, although this year there were fewer vegetables the flowers made up for it. It was good to see young Constance Barter holding her own with her somewhat "older" members in the domestic section - keep it up!. A big thank you to all those who helped with the setting up, all those many jobs during the day and of course the clearing up at the end.
Mollie Court