Autumn Show Results 2005

Section A Vegetables & Fruit
1st 2nd 3rd
Family exhibit B.&E.Milam
Collection of vegetables
6 Cherry tomatoes A.Figgins B.Milam F.Knight
6 Tomatoes G.Hawkins A.Figgins F.Knight
3 Onions E.Crowhurst
2 Cabbage
8 Runner beans F.Knight G.Bradley
6 French beans F.Knight
3 Beet F.Knight R.Trim
3 Potatoes
4 Carrots E.Crowhurst
2 Marrows
6 Shallots
Longest runner bean A.Figgins
3 Leeks
4 Dessert apples G.Hawkins
4 Cooking apples G.Hawkins
4 Pears G.Hawkins
12 Cane fruit A.Figgins G.Hawkins B.Milam
4 Stone fruit A.Figgins
Any other fruit
Section B Flowers
3 Dahlias - Decorative G.Hawkins A.Blunt F.Knight
3 Dahlias - Min. ball A.Blunt F.Bye D.Court
3 Dahlias - Cactus A.Blunt E.Crowhurst F.Knight
3 Dahlias (not above classes) F.Bye A.Figins G.Hawkins
3 Chrysanthemums
1 Large Hybrid tea rose (Figgins cup) P.Parrott
Any other rose J.Cresswell J.Wright
5 Annual asters
Berried shrub (one spray) M.Browning M.Cresswell A.Blunt
6 Fuchsia flowers G.Bradley. J.Cresswell
9 Stems mixed flowers (grown from seed) M.Cresswell
6 Garden flowers (may inc. shrubs) G.Bradley M.Browning M.Cresswell
3 Penstemon
Pot plant in flower J.Cresswell A.Figgins A.Blunt
Cactus or Succulent M.Cresswell A.Blunt G.Hawkins
Pot plant Foliage G.Hawkins M.Browning J.Cresswell
Plant of the year M.Browning J.Trim M.Court
Domestic - C
Jar of jam (exc. Strawberry) A. Figgins J.Norkett B.Milam
Jar of jelly A.Figgins M.Cresswell J.Norkett
Preserves - two kinds A.Figgins J.Norkett
4 Fruit scones M.Cresswell B.Milam Mcourt
Fresh strawberry tart J.Trim M.Cresswell
Chocolate sponge J.Trim A.Figgins P.Mattin
Plaited loaf M.Browning J.Trim A.Figgins
Flower Arrangement D
“Garden gone to seed” P.Mattin J.Trim B.Milam
"Artistic Shapes" B.Milam M.Cresswell
"Seashore Treasure" P.Mattin B.Milam M.Cresswell
“Artistic Shapes” A.Blunt M.Cresswell J.Cresswell
"Mother & Young" J.Fenn J.Trim M.Cresswell
"Seashore" G.Hawkins J.Cresswell M.Court
"Harvest Time" J.Trim A.Blunt M.Court
Rose Bowl -G.Club member with most points in the Hort. Section Mr G.Hawkins
Tuke-Hastings Family Trophy - winners of class 1 Mr E.&Mrs B. Milam
Newton-Davies Trophy most points in the Flower Arrangement Section Mrs B.Milam
& Mrs P.Mattin
Figgins Trophy - winner of class 25 Miss P. Parrott
Blachford Trophy - most points in the Domestic Section Mrs A.Figgins
Pollock Rose Bowl - Judge's choice in the Photographic Section Mrs A. Blunt
Graham Blunt Trophy & Diploma for best exhibit in Section A Mrs A. Figgins
Dipoma for Best Exhibit in Section B Mr J. Cresswell

Once again the hall looked a riot of colour and a lovely mixture of floral smells.Thank you to all the members whose hard work and enthusiasm make thethree shows each year such a success.

The next meeting is Friday 14th October - "Humour in the Garden", do come along, all are welcome.
Mollie Court