Autumn Show Results 2006

Section A Vegetables & Fruit 1st 2nd 3rd
Family exhibit Mr & Mrs E Milam
Ugliest Vegetable G.Hawkins
Collection of vegetables
6 Cherry tomatoes A.Blunt J.Cresswell B.Milam
6 Tomatoes A.Figgins G.Hawkins
3 Onions J.Rowell G.Hawkins R.Cranford
2 Cabbage J.Rowell
8 Runner beans R.Cranford J.Rowell M.Court
6 French beans G.Hawkins
3 Beet R.Cranford
3 Potatoes R.Cranford G.Hawkins J.Rowell
4 Carrots M.Court
2 Marrows
6 Shallots G.Hawkins
Longest runner bean A.Figgins
3 Leeks J.Rowell
4 Dessert apples A.Blunt G.Hawkins R.Cresswell
4 Cooking apples G.Bradley G.Hawkins
4 Pears A.Blunt R.Cresswell R.Cranford
12 Cane fruit G.Hawkins A.Figgins A.Blunt
4 Stone fruit A.Figgins R.Cresswell P.Bradley
Any other fruit A.Figgins
Section B Flowers
3 Dahlias - Decorative F.Bye G.Hawkins
3 Dahlias - Min. ball F.Bye G.Hawkins
3 Dahlias - Cactus F.Bye G.Hawkins
3 Dahlias (not above classes) F.Bye G.Hawkins
3 Chrysanthemums
1 Large Hybrid tea rose (Figgins cup) J.Cresswell
Any other rose G. Hawkins J.Cresswell P.Mattin
5 Annual asters B.Browning
Berried shrub (one spray) M.Cresswell G.Bradley M.Browning
6 Fuchsia flowers J.Cresswell. G.Bradley P.Bradley
9 Stems mixed flowers (grown from seed) M.Browning
6 Garden flowers (may inc. shrubs) M.Browning G.Hawkins A.Blunt
3 Penstemon G.Hawkins
Pot plant in flower J.Cresswell A.Figgins M.Browning
Cactus or Succulent M.Court G.Hawkins
Pot plant Foliage M.Court M.Browning J.Cresswell
Plant of the year G.Hawkins M.Court M.Wilde
Domestic - C
Jar of jam (exc. Strawberry) A.Blunt A.Figgins M.Court
Jar of jelly
Preserves - two kinds M.Browning J.Norkett A.Figgins
4 Cheese scones M.Browning B.Milam A.Figgins
Bakewell Tart A.Figgins M.Browning M.Court
Decorated chocolate sponge A.Figgins B.Milam M.Browning
1lb White loaf M.Browning A. Figgins
Flower Arrangement D
“Oriental Influence” B.Milam P.Mattin M.Court
"Aspects of Autumn" M.Cresswell M.Milam
"Garden Jewels" P.Mattin B.Milam M.Cresswell
“Animal Antics” A.Blunt M.Cresswell J.Cresswell
"Plant Portrait" A.Blunt M.Cresswell G.Hawkins
"Leisure Time" P.Bradley J.Cresswell M. Browning
"Peaks & Valleys" J.Fenn M.Wilde P.Bradley

Rose Bowl -G.Club member with most points in the Hort. Section Mr J. Cresswell
Tuke-Hastings Family Trophy - Mr E.& Mrs B. Milam
Newton-Davies Trophy most points in the Flower Arrangement Section Mrs B.Milam
Figgins Trophy - winner of class 25
Blachford Trophy - most points in the Domestic Section Mrs M. Browning
Pollock Rose Bowl - Judge's choice in the Photographic Section Mrs J.Fenn
Graham Blunt Trophy & Diploma for best exhibit in Section A Mrs A.Blunt
Dipoma for Best Exhibit in Section B F.Bye

Although the number of entries were up slightly, once again the roses proved hard to find, consequently, there were no entries in the 'Hybrid Tea Rose' class for the 'Figgins Cup. A big thank you to the rest of the team for there sterling work with the setting up and the clearing away - when it all happens again next April!!.
The next meeting is Fri 13th October 7.30pm - "A Haven for Wildlife" the speaker is Dennis Brightdo come along, all are welcome.
Mollie Court