Summer Show Results 2008

Section A Vegetables & Fruit      
  1st 2nd 3rd
Peas A. Goodsell A. Figgins M. Carr
Broad Beans A. Goodsell A. Figgins M. Carr
Potatoes A. Goodsell A. Fiiggins M.Carr
Cabbage D. Court
Lettuce (Cos) A. Goodsell
A. Figgins
J. Cresswell
Lettuce (Any) S.Carr A.Goodsell
Onions M. Carr A.Figgins
Carrots A. Goodsell M.Carr A. Figgins
Beet A. Goodsell A.Figgins M.Carr
Rhubarb A. Goodsell A. Figgins
Any other Veg A. Goodsell A.Figgins C. Robertson
Herbs M.Carr A.Goodsell G.Bradley
Gooseberries G.Bradley G.Hawkins A. Figgins
Raspberries A. Goodsell N. Rowson
Blackcurrants A. Goodsell S.Macnabb C.Findlay
Any other fruit G. Hawkins A.Goodsell
Section B Flowers      
Hybrid Tea Rose M. Browning J.Cresswell S. Macnabb
Floribunda S. Goodsell J. Norkett J. Macnabb
3 Stems Roses J. Macnabb S. Macnabb N. Rowson
Vase of Roses S. Goodsell S. Macnabb J. Macnabb
12 Sweet Peas M. Browning J. Cresswell G. Turville
6 Pinks S. Macnabb M. Browning A. Figgins
Lily one stem S. Goodsell C. Robertson
Mixed Garden Flowers S. Goodsell D.Court M. Browning
Mixed Foliage M. Hunter A. Blunt S. Goodsell
Six Violas/Pansies J. Wright S. Carr M. Court
Four Clematis Blooms A. Blunt M. Browning J. Cresswell
Pot Plant in Bloom J. Trim S. Goodsell S. Macnabb
Foliage Pot Plant O. Crowhurst J. Cresswell J.Trim
Cactus or Succulent O. Crowhurst S.Macnabb
Three Penstemon S. Goodsell G. Bradley M. Court
Section C Domestic      
Jar of Marmalade O.Crowhurst A. Figgins J. Norkett
Jar of Strawberry Jam J.Norkett O. Crowhurst
Jar of Jam (Exc Strawberry) D. Robertson O. Crowhurst J. Norkett
Jar of Jelly A.Figgins J. Norkett
Jar of Chutney J. Norkett C.Robertson
Date & Walnut Cake C. Robertson B. Milam H. Mills
Plain Jam Swiss Roll H. Mills A. Figgins D. Robertson
Four Flap Jacks C. Robertson S. Carr M.Browning
Something new from something old C. Barter H&K Thorneycroft
Example of Handicraft G.Turvill J. Fenn G. Bradley
Section D Flower Arrangement      
“The Captain's Table” A. Riley B.Milam S. Goodsell
“Port of Call” M. Hunter A. Riley
“Secrets of the Deep” S. Thursfield A. Riley M. Cresswell
“Nature's Sculpture” G. Bradley S.Goodsell
Froyle Girls - Handmade Article Kitkin Thorneycroft Constance Barter Gemma Williams
Froyle Boys - A Model in any medium Hector Thorneycroft Charlie Robertson Alistair Findlay
Model made from fruit or vegetables. Charlie Macnabb
"A Garden on a Plate". Gemma Williams
Flower Arrangement in a Tea Cup. Gemma Williams   

Bootle Wilbraham Cup exhibitor with most points in sections A&B Tony Goodsell
Dr Lewarne Cup Best table decoration Class 60 Tony Riley
Kay Newton-Davis Trophy Judge’s Choice in Section D Sarah Thursfield
Robertson Rosebowl most points in section C Jean Norkett
Hollis Cup for Froyle amateur gardener gaining highest points in Section A. Tony Goodsell
Mrs Lewarne Cup for Froyle girls, best handmade article Kitkin Thorneycroft
Bush Cup for Froyle boys, best handmade model Hector Thorneycroft
Goschen Cup Amateur gardener with most points in Section B Sue Goodsell
Holland Cup Most points by Froyle resident aged 60 years and over Ann Figgins
Graham Blunt Award for the exhibit judged to be the best in Section A Tony Goodsell
Diploma for best in Section B Sue Goodsell

We always worry about 'the weather' in the weeks running up to the show and this year was no exception. The roses probably suffered the most, as this section was down on last year, but we still had several very good entries.
The judge, Mark Ward, was very complimentary on the display of the 'Flower Section' (Class 27 nine stems) also 'Foliage' (Class 28 nine stems) in particular. For a small show he considered them to be well above average not only the quality but the quantity - he was very impressed. Many Congratulations to Tony & Sue Goodsell for the high quality of their entries and the resulting rewards - well done. As usual a big thank you to the rest of the team especially June and Margie, we had a few 'hicups'!! during the morning but with their 'humour and help' we got through it.
Mollie Court, Show Secretary