Autumn Show Results 2009

Rose Bowl - G.Club member with most points in the Hort. Section Ann Figgins
Tuke-Hastings Family Trophy -

David Snow

Newton-Davies Trophy most points in the Flower Arrangement Section B. Milam and B. Hunter
Figgins Trophy - winner of class 25 Molly Court
Blachford Trophy - most points in the Domestic Section Jean Norkett
Pollock Rose Bowl - Judge's choice in the Photographic Section

Sue Clarke

Graham Blunt Trophy & Diploma for best exhibit in Section A David Snow
Dipoma for Best Exhibit in Section B

Olga Crowhurst

Rosemary Bennett Award for Judges Choice in Flower Arrangement Brenda Milam

The Autumn Show was another great success with record entries. It was a very enjoyable day.

Jayne Williams