Spring Show Results 2017

In spite of the unusually mild Spring there was still a good display of Daffodils and other Spring Flowers. It was particularly good and very encouraging to see new members entering. The results were as follows:

● 1 Bloom Yellow Trumpet Daffodil, 1st Gillian Pickering, 2nd Brian Porter.
● 3 Blooms Yellow Trumpet Daffodils, 1st Brian Porter,2nd June Trim.
● Trumpet Daffodils white, 1st Brian Porter.
● Trumpet daffodils Bicolour, 1st Sue Sharman,2nd Brenda Milam.
● Large Cupped daffodil, 1st Brian Porter,3rd David Menzies,
● Double Daffodils,1st Brian Porter,2nd Mollie Court,
● Triandrus Daffodils, 1st Gillian Pickering, 2nd Brian Porter, 3rd David Menzies.
● Cyclamineus Daffodils, 1st David Menzies.
● Tazetta Daffodils, 1st Brian Porter, 2nd Tony Riley.
● Poeticus Daffodils, 1st Brian Porter, 2nd Brenda Milam,3rd Marian Cresswell.
● Any Other Daffodil, 1st Brenda Milam, 2nd Nick Whines,3rd David Menzies.
● Tulips, 1st Julie Southern, 2nd Brenda Milam, 3rd Marian Cresswell.
● Polyanthus, 2nd Mollie Court, 3rd Nick Whines.
● Flowering Shrub, 1st Gillian Pickering, 2nd Brenda Milam, 3rd Maureen Hunter.
● Mixed Spring Flowers, 1st Maureen Hunter, 2nd Brenda Milam, 3rd Marian Cresswell.
● Mixed Foliage, 1st Brenda Milam, 2nd Maureen Hunter, 3rd Marian Cresswell.
● Cactus or Succulent, 1st David Menzies, 2nd June Trim, 3rd Brenda Milam.
● Flowering pot plant , 1st Tony Riley, 2nd Brian Porter, 3rd Sue Cripps.
● Foliage Pot Plant, 1st Mollie Court.
● Alpine pot plant, 1st David Menzies, 2nd Brenda Milam, 3rd Tony Riley.
● Rhubarb, 1st Brenda Milam, 2nd David Menzies, 3rd Anne Blunt.
● Spring Posy judged by Popular Vote
a tie between Marian Cresswell, Brenda Milam and Beryl Webster..
● Photograph- Reflections. Popular vote . Anne Blunt .
● A Flower Portrait Nick Whines.

● Best in Show and Best Spring Flowers, Maureen Hunter,
● Best Exhibit of Daffodils, Gillian Pickering
● Award for highest points, Brian Porter.
Well Done everyone. Brenda Milam