Autumn Show Results 2017
1st Prize Winners
FROYLE FLOWER SHOW – 16th September 2017
2. Ugliest vegetable  Nigel Southern
3. Cherry Tomatoes Anne Blunt
7. Runner Beans David Court
8. French Beans David Court
9. Beetroot   Brenda Milam
11. Carrots  David Court
14. Longest Runner Bean David Court
16. Dessert Apples Anne Blunt
17. Cooking Apples Anne Blunt
18. Pears  David Court
19 Cane Fruit   Anne Blunt
21. Any other fruit Gill Bradley
30. Dahlias, decorative Nigel Southern
31. Dahlias, miniature ball Nigel Southern
32. Dahlias , cactus Anne Blunt
33. Dahlias, any other type Nigel Southern
34. Chrysanthemums David Court
35. Specimen rose  John Cresswell
36. Any other rose      Brenda Milam
37. Asters Nigel Southern
38. Berried shrub Marian Cresswell
39. Fuchsia flowers  Jim Bellis
40. Annual flowers Brenda Milam
41. Mixed garden flowers  Anne Blunt
43. Flowering pot plant      Tony Riley
44. Cactus or succulent Marian Cresswell
45. Foliage pot plant Mollie Court
46. Any other flower Tony Riley
47 Plant of the year  Nigel Southern
50. Jam Tony Riley
51. Jelly Tony Riley
52. Collection preserves      Anne Blunt
53.. Fruit Flan Brenda Milam
54.. Brownies Anne Blunt
55.. Quiche Lorraine     Brenda Milam
56.. Orange Drizzle cake Brenda Milam
60. "Autumn"  Brenda Milam
61. "Leafy Beauty" Tony Riley
62. "Nature's Sculpture Brenda Milam
70. 'A Village Fete’     Beryl Webster
71. ‘Leafy Beauty’  John Cresswell
72. ‘Late Summer Border’      Anne Blunt
73. 'Horizons' Anne Blunt
Trophies Autumn Show 2017
ROSE BOWL  Gardening Club member gaining most points in Horticultural Sections A + B    
Winner:     David Court
May not be held by any one member for more than two years in succession
     Class 1
Winner:     No entries
NEWTON-DAVIS TROPHY     Most points in Flower Arrangement Section
Winner:     Brenda Milam
FIGGINS TROPHY                  Class 35
Winner:     John Cresswell
BLACHFORD TROPHY           Most points in Domestic Section
Winner:     Brenda Milam
POLLOCK ROSE BOWL          Overall winner in Photography Section
Winner:     Anne Blunt
GRAHAM BLUNT TROPHY & DIPLOMA           Best exhibit in Section A
Winner:     Gill Bradley
DIPLOMA            Best in Section B
Winner:     Tony Riley
ROSEMARY BENNETT AWARD      Judges Choice in Flower Arrangement
Winner:     Tony Riley