Granny knows best
Here are just a few of Granny White’s hints and tips for family life in the 1930s.
Cough Cure:
Take 1pint of water, 1 handful of linseed, the rind of a lemon, half a stick of liquorice. Boil all together stirring until the liquorice is melted. Place 1lb sugar in a bowl and strain the liquid into it and add the juice of 2 lemons.
Dose - half teacupful twice daily, warm or cold./td>
A Thorn in the Hand:
When a thorn is not easy to remove with a needle or forceps, cover the place with wet boracic lint and leave for an hour or so. The thorn will be drawn to the surface.
Perspiration Stains:
To remove these place stained part over bowl of very hot water and rub with lemon, then rinse in cold water and the stains will disappear.
Cure for Rheumatism:
half pint white vinegar, half pint spirits of Turpentine, whites of three eggs, Alum the size of a nutmeg. Makes one and a half pints. Put into a bottle all together and shake well.
For a Cold in the Head:
The steam of warm water alone or water in which elder flowers or some other mild aromatic flowers have been boiled.