Hodges Farm
Hodges Farm in 1915
Hodges Farm from sale catalogue of 1915. Its front to the road, added to a sixteenth-century house in 1766, it is the most accomplished piece of brick building in the village. The front rooms and a roomy staircase hall are plainly wainscoted. There is record of a Richard Hodges in 1657, but it is doubtful what family was living there at the time of the re-building. The house was carefully repaired by Professor W.G. Constable.
In the sale description Hodges was described as containing the following:-

“On the Upper Floors - Five Bed Rooms, Two Attics On the Ground Floor - Entrance Hall and Passage with paved floor; handsomely carved oak staircase and panelled dado; Drawing Room, fitted register stove, painted mantelpiece and cupboards on each side, panelled dao round room; Dining Room with stone-paved floor, register stove, tiled sides and hearth, painted mantelpiece and cupboards at side; large Kitchen with beamed ceiling, fitted range and copper; Scullery, fitted copper, sink, etc.; Dairy, Store Room, Pantry and good Cellerage in Basement.
Outside - Engine House, large galvanised iron Water Tank on iron supports, Privy and Coal Shed. The Rent was £126 10s per year.”