Baldwin's Farm
Hussey's Lane in the 1940s
Baldwins location This extract from the Froyle House Estate Sale map of 1915, shows the approximate location of Baldwin's Farm. The Cottages, marked no 196, are referred to as being “.....on the site formerly known as Baldwin's Farm”. Nowadays the site is occupied by a 1930s house, named “Baldwins”. The picture above, taken in the 1940s, is looking towards “Baldwins” (behind the tree in the middle of frame) and is taken from the road side of the W (for well) on the map. Tom Knight wrote about the name Baldwin in 1933
“The first Baldwin entry is in 1656. Baldwin's Farm, at Lower Froyle, is now part of Hussey's Farm. Thomas Hall was at Baldwin's Farm in 1750, and the Baldwins seem to have moved to Coldrey. Robert Baldwin died at Coldrey in 1729. Christopher Baldwin died in 1806, aged 82, probably at Bentley. He was buried at Froyle, and his tomb is on the North side of the Church.”
The inventory we have was drawn up long before these times and is dated January 6th 1661. It gives a fascinating glimpse of the contents of a house over four hundred years ago.