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The Reverend Yann Dubreuil Tel: 07777684533
Mr.W.Knowles Park Edge, Upper Froyle Tel: 01420 23164
Mrs.S.Roberts The Old Dairy, Upper Froyle Tel: 01420 520041
Administrator (Full working day Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays)
Tel: 07500 949465; email
Benefice Pastoral Care: Kathy Ogilvie Thompson (23125)
Prayer Chain: Nick Carter (472861)

Church Services at Froyle in April

Sunday 2nd AprilFroyle 8.00 am Holy Communion
  Bentley 5.00pm Live@Five
    Binsted 9.30am
Holy Communion
Sunday 9th AprilFroyle 11.00 am Holy Communion
    Bentley 9.30am Morning Service & Children's Church
    Binsted 3.30pm
Messy Church
Thursday 13th April
Froyle 6.00 pm Choral Service
Maundy Thursday      
Friday 14th April Binsted 1.00pm Good Friday Meditation
Good Friday      
Sunday 16th April Froyle 11.00 am Holy Communion
Easter Sunday Bentley 5.30am Sunrise Service
    Bentley 9.30pm Holy Communion
    Binsted 9.30am
Holy Communion
Sunday 23rd April Froyle 6.30 pm Evensong
    Bentley 9.30am Holy Communion & Children's Church
    Binsted 8.00am
Holy Communion
Sunday 30th April Bentley 11.00am Joint Benefice Service

Details of all the services within the Benefice are also found on the church notice boards.
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Mothering Sunday, 26th April, 11.00, Froyle Church
Like many traditions and festivities, Mothering Sunday began with a religious purpose. Held on the fourth Sunday in Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday, it was originally a day to honour and give thanks to the Virgin Mary, also known as Mother Mary. Then it became a day when children, mainly daughters, who had gone to work as domestic servants were given a day off to visit their mother and family. On Sunday 26th April we would like the young to play an active role in our simple family service. You might be able to hand out hymn books, flowers, read a prayer or help with the collection. We look forward to seeing you on the day!
Sarah & William

+++ Church Spring Jumble Sale +++
Saturday 22 April 2.00pm, Froyle Village Hall

Note the date, well done to those who spotted the error in last month’s magazine. Our annual Jumble Sale raises much needed funds for the church and is a good opportunity for the village to get together. Donations for all stalls will be very gratefully received. Please bring to the Village Hall any Friday in April or contact stall holders below if you would like a house collection.
Books & CDs - Any topic! Lauraine Bourne 22159 or Madeleine Black 23371.
Bric-a-brac - All bric-a-brac will be gratefully received, Jane Macnabb 23195 or Royston Annible 520574.
Children’s stall – looking for books, toys and games – Good condition only please, Gillian Pickering 23209.
Jumble - We need clean clothes, coats, accessories, shoes and linens, Lori Taylor 22148 or Sarah Lovell 520026.
Spring Produce - Cakes, biscuits, home-made chutneys, jams, marmalade, pickles and plants needed, so get baking! Janet Dobson 23340.
Raffle – we are looking for some good quality donations, Barbara Starbuck 22180 or Sarah Roberts 520041.
St Mary’s Supporting the Community
Sarah (520041) & Julie (520620)

Lent Lunches 2017
These consist of home made soup, bread and cheese, and all donations go to the charity chosen by the hostess. If anyone needs a lift, or has any queries, please give me a call. All Lunches are from 12.30 to 2.00pm
Wednesday April 5th Brewery House Cardiac Rehab Vivienne & John Sexton 520098
Jenny Gove 23697

Froyle Church Annual Meeting (AGM/APCM)
Thursday 27 April 7:30 pm in Froyle Church
Come and hear and discuss what the Church has been up to and our thoughts for the future. A formal notice and agenda will be posted on the Church notice boards the week beginning 10 April. Wine will be served beforehand from 7:00 pm as usual, so get there in plenty of time!

St. Mary’s Church, Froyle – Easter Decorations
We shall be decorating the Church on Saturday 15th April starting at 9.30a.m. We would be delighted to welcome as many people as possible to help, the theme will be decorated crosses and baskets or containers of Spring flowers. We look forward to seeing you. Any enquiries to Sarah T 23294 or Gill 520484

Our Church Roof
On Monday 3rd April, a five week contract to repair the Chancel roof will begin ; repairs to the stonework above the Porch will also be carried out during this time. A large part of the cost of this is being funded through a grant received through the Government-funded Listed Places of Worship: Roof Repair Fund.
The North side of the Chancel roof will be completely retiled and the South side repaired where necessary. We will also take the opportunity to seal the Chancel eaves in an attempt to persuade our visiting Jackdaws to set up home elsewhere.
The choice of April is made by our transient bat population! We are host to as many as three varieties of bat and possibly more. The only other time of year when the bats allow us to disturb their roosts is from the middle of September to the end of October. So please bear with us during any resulting disruption. We have sought to keep this to a minimum by arranging for the necessary scaffold to the Porch not to be erected until the 24th April, so the Porch will be free from scaffolding for our two April weddings and over Easter.
Mike Starbuck

The Vicars Letter
Dear All,

Fake news or Good News?
We’ve all heard about “fake news” - the stories which certain politicians and certain parts of the media invent, or wildly exaggerate, in order to push their own agendas, or boost their own profits. The other name for it is “lies”. Whether it’s a promise of NHS funding painted on the side of a bus, or a non-existent “massacre” used as an excuse for banning immigrants, such lies are more and more common.
It’s bad enough when people get fooled by those lies. It’s worse when people make decision based on those lies, because usually the only people who benefit are the liars. Worst of all is that the liars can then cry “fake news” even when presented with the truth, leaving everyone confused, and making it much harder to find out what is real news, and what is lies.
We all need the truth. But what is it?
In the Gospels, it is Pontius Pilate, the Roman politician, who asks Jesus “what is truth?” just before making the politically expedient decision to have Jesus executed. Pontius Pilate may have thought that the truth could be distorted, hidden, or killed, but God had different plans.
The joyful Easter-proclamation of the Church is that Jesus who was put to death by crucifixion and whose corpse was hurriedly buried in a tomb nearby, was raised to life again on the third day after all this happened.
The evidence for this is recorded in the Gospels, the effect it had on the original band of disciples, the existence of the Church, and two thousand years of Christian belief and worship.
Of course, I’m a vicar so I’m bound to see things that way…
However, probably the strongest arguments for Christ’s resurrection for me personally (yes, vicars do have their own moments of doubt!), are the testimonies of normal men and women I have met and yet whose lives have been transformed through faith in Jesus Christ. Normal people, with all the worries and issues and faults we all have, who can yet testify following sometimes slow and gentle, sometimes dramatic conversion experiences that Jesus is alive and He is Lord.
There are good grounds for accepting the evidence of the Gospels and Christian tradition, and in that conviction I invite you to share with us in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus in church on Easter Day, and I pray that we may all experience His living presence and power as we try to serve Him day by day. "Jesus is alive" - that is the jubilant conviction, the Good News which brings hope and joy into our lives.

Easter Blessings to you all, Yann