Mill Court
The Mill Court area, like Froyle Mill Cottage, is a part of Froyle ‘across’ the A31 - although some of it on the southern bank of the Wey is in Binsted Parish. The ‘old’ photograph is one of a series of hand tinted slides illustrating a trip around Binsted and the surrounding areas with the Rev A.E.Wright, who was Curate of the Parish for nearly fourteen years. They were taken in the late 1880s. Luckily for us he visited Froyle on his journey.He describes the picture thus:
“Here is a tempting pool for the ‘Angler’ in the little river ‘Wey’ which flows between the two parishes of Binsted and Froyle. The ruins of an old Flushing Blanket Mill, long since disused, stand as a memento of the early days of the last century when weaving was done here. The residence adjoining it on the top of the hill behind our backs takes it’s name ‘Mill Court’ from this site. Possibly there was an old corn mill before the speculation in blankets was thought of.”
Mill Court in the 1880s
Mill Court in 2001
The modern picture was taken in May 2001.There are several changes:
  • The mill and surrounding buildings no longer exist.
  • The cottage on the left (miller’s house?) is now a private house.
  • Colours in the old picture may not be accurate as the original negative has been hand tinted, but there has been little change in the number of trees - the area to the left of the River Wey is now a garden.

In late 2006 we came across a similar angle in a black and white picture taken, we think, a little later than the Wright slide. The trees by the mill seem a little further developed.

Mill Court mill?