Mount Pleasant
Travellers Rest  at the turn of the century Travellers Rest 2007
These two pictures show Travellers Rest, at the north-west end of Lower Froyle. The left hand picture was taken in the early 1900s - the modern one was taken on March 2007.
  • Travellers Rest - the building towards the right of the picture in the distance is no longer a pub.
  • The two houses on the left, Oak Cottage (nearest the camera) and Mount Pleasant are relatively unchanged.
  • In the old picture you can just see the end of Five Cottages, opposite Travellers Rest. These were demolished in the 1950s.

Once again, there are a few changes to the surroundings.

  • The road has been surfaced.
  • Quite a few more trees have grown up.
  • Telephone poles have arrived.
  • A house has been built (1970s) on the right of the picture - you can just see the gateway by the pole.