Porch Cottage
Porch Cottage and the Methodist Church Porch Cottage 2007
These two pictures show the changing face of Porch Cottage and the Methodist Church. The left hand picture was taken at the turn of the century, probably by Mr. Holliday, the Alton photographer. The modern picture was taken on May 20th 2007. Obvious changes have taken place over the years:-
  • Porch Cottage (nearest the camera) has been converted from two cottages.
  • The thatched roof has been replaced by tiles.
  • The Methodist Chapel has been demolished and a modern house built on the site.
A quick glance shows very little difference between the two photographs, taken nearly one hundred years apart. The house that replaces the Methodist Chapel fits well into the street scene, although much lower than the old chapel. Even the trees outside Sylvesters (on the right of the picture) are merely much bigger. Indeed one of the major changes in the village, when comparing old and new pictures, are the greater numbers of trees today then one hundred years ago. One always ‘assumes’ that our age is an age where trees are cut down and hedges torn out. These pictures tell a different story.