School House
The School  and School House
Here we see how the photographer can be impeded by nature when trying to match positions for “Then & Now” pictures. The subject is Froyle School and School House. The old photograph - once again, turn of the century - was taken from part of the grounds of Froyle Place. As you can see from the 1998 picture, which was taken in the winter (luckily, or it would have been solid green leaves!), the vegetation has grown a bit in the ensuing 90 odd years. This apart, the visual differences are small, but the social differences are great.
  • Froyle School closed in 1986 due to lack of children.
  • It was tastefully converted into a private house.
  • The School House (on the right) is now a private house.
  • Traces of the iron fence can still be seen in the undergrowth around the field.