St Katherines
St Katherines old
St Katherines
St Katherines is situated on the road from Upper Froyle to Lower Froyle. It was originally built for the Sacristan of St Mary‘s Church (the person who looks after the vestments).
Here there are quite a few changes.
  • St Katherines has been rendered and painted.
  • An extension has been added at the rear.
  • The road has been surfaced.
  • Power lines and telephone wires are all too visible.
  • The hopfield on the right of the old picture has now gone and is used for crops.
  • Surprisingly there are more trees and hedges in the modern picture than the old one. This is despite the loss of the Beeches, between Upper & Lower Froyle.
The other cottages in the old picture are still there, although, like many, they have been converted from semi-detached cottages (as built) to single units.