The Prince of Wales in about 1895
The Prince of Wales in 1915

In the village of Lower Froyle stood the “Prince of Wales” public house. Originally described as a ‘malthouse’, it was not recorded as the “Prince of Wales” until the 1891 Census. This older building (left picture) stood nearer the road than its replacement.
The plans for the new “Prince of Wales” (right picture) were drawn up in October 1908, by the Farnham architect Arthur J.Stedman, for Crowley’s Alton brewery. It was one of four public houses built in the area at that time, identical apart from their entrance doors. Of the others, two have already become private homes. By 1998 the pub was no longer viable and it was sold for conversion into a private house. During this work we came by solid (literally!) evidence of its date of construction.

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