The Good Shepherd
Turnpike Cottage
Map of Saints St Joseph's Cottage Turnpike Cottages Saintbury Hill Turnpike Cottage Shrubbery House Froyle Mill The Saw Mill Froyle Cottage St Katherines Jasmine & Myrtle Cottages The Chestnuts Park Edge Fern Cottage Post Office Cottage The Manor House Blundens Blundens Farm Cottage St Paul's House
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St Joseph
Turnpike Cottage
St Christopher
The Manor House
He bears on his shoulder the Christ Child holding a globe,
and in his hands he holds his staff.
The Blessed Virgin Mary
Froyle Cottage
St Paul
St Paul’s House
He holds a sword, the instrument of his martyrdom
St Antony
The Chestnuts
A coloured plaque. He holds a bell and is accompanied by his pig.
The Blessed Virgin Mary
Fern Cottage
St Anthony of Padua
Park Edge
He carries the Holy Child.
St Hubert
Post Office Cottage
Behind him stands a stag bearing a cross between its antlers.
Saint Peter
Blundens House
Holding his keys
The Sacred Heart of Jesus
Blundens Farm Cottage
The Holy Family
Jasmine & Myrtle Cottages
The Blessed Virgin Mary
Froyle Saw Mill
A bronze plaque on the end of the building. (This was sadly stolen). Our picture shows the recess where the plaque was mounted.
St Katherine
St Katherines
A beautiful little wooden statue; she holds her wheel
The Blessed Virgin Mary
The Blessed Virgin Mary
Saintbury Hill
She stands high in a gable end with one foot on the Serpent
who has an apple in his mouth.

St Christopher
Froyle Mill
St Michael
St Michael
Shrubbery House
Slaying the Dragon
St Joseph
St Joseph’s Cottages