Sylvesters Yard
Sylvesters Yard
This delightful photograph, taken in the 1920s from the farmhouse at Sylvesters, shows the barns and the yard. In the centre distance you can clearly see the roof of the Methodist Chapel, and to the right, the roof of Holmwood Cottages.
We are fortunate that two ladies, Lilian Smither (nee Westbrook) and Joyce Kemp (her mother was Lilian’s sister, Edith) have recorded their memories of life in Froyle during the early part of this century.
Lilian Smither was actually born at Sylvesters Farm House on May 7th 1900, the third child of Mr & Mrs George Herrett Westbrook. The photograph above was taken from their bedroom which, as Lilian Smither describes, overlooked the yard.
“The backstairs ended here on the landing with Mother and Father’ bedroom door exactly opposite. A large room, window overlooking the farm yard, thatched stables and barn, well-carpeted and adequately furnished with two wardrobes”
To read Lilian Smither's description of Sylvesters Farm, click on the Memories link below.