The Vicars of Froyle

The Vicars of St Mary’s Church, Froyle
The Vicar isn’t named but he attended an enquiry as to whether the Rectory of Worldham was vacant or not.
1307 Walter de Bertone
1311 Philip
1342 John Quenyngdon
1381 William Bakere
1394 William Polhamptone
1400-1500 No Vicars can be traced during this century, and it is generally accepted that the Church was served by the monks of Neatham, or Neteham, which was at one time a more important place than Alton.
1529 William Wyncard
1542 Sir John Acrewe
1655 Roger Moor
1688 Richard Ffarrer
1697 Richard Jope
1719 John Greenway
Between 1730 and 1733 there was probably no Vicar as there is a note in the Register to the effect that it was in the charge of Mr Burningham during this period.
1755 Thomas Loggin
1773 Richard Follen
1804 Sir Thomas Combe Miller
1864 William Astley Cooper
1876 H.Castle Floud
1897 B.H.S.Lethbridge
1908 T.D.Carter
1911 William Annesley
1928 C.H.Sangster
1943 W.V.Tunks
1958 E.P.Field
1961 R.Whalley
1966 L.A.Pickett
1975 K.C.Daubney
1983 K.G.Bachell
1988 C.A.Ardagh-Walter
1997 J.Croft