The Prince of Wales
The Prince of Wales in the 1890s
The “Prince of Wales” in Lower Froyle was situated at the junction with the main road through Froyle and Well Lane. This picture shows the original “Prince of Wales” and was taken around 1893. The pub is on the left of the picture - the building on the right is St Joseph’s Church (demolished 1967).
It doesn’t appear as a public house in the Census until 1881, and it appears to have been the home of a shoemaker until then.
The Prince of Wales in the 1890s
This delightful and obviously posed pictureshows a group in the field opposite the Prince of Wales.
The ladies bicycles can be seen leaning against the wall of the pub and we wonder if the lady without a hat was Sarah, the wife of the landlord Middleton Young (from the 1891 Census) - who knows, one day we might find out?
The Prince of Wales in 1915

The Prince of Wales in 1912

ThenOld Malthouse in 2002
By the time the picture above was taken in 1912, a new building had replaced the old “Prince of Wales”. We have a date of September 6th 1910, along with the signatures of the builders from a floorboard under the water tank. It was one of four identical designs built in the area at this time. The ‘bandstand is in fact a well and can also be seen in the wider photograph taken in 1915.

By 1998 the pub was no longer viable and was converted into a private house (photo left) which was when we were given the floorboards. The name was also changed to “The Old Malthouse” as our census records referred to people living ‘at malthouse’.