The Traveller's Rest
The Traveller's Rest in the early 1900s The “Traveller’s Rest” in Lower Froyle was situated on the road that leads towards Long Sutton and the Golden Pot. This is the picture we usually see of it - the building to the right of the picture on the corner. The closeup shows that, at the time of the picture, it was owned by Crowley & Co of Alton, who also owned the “The Prince of Wales”. Today it is a private house, and, apart from decoration, little changed in external appearance. We have very little information in Archive about this building - there is a Beer Seller living in this area in the 1851 Census and the name appears for the first time in the 1891 Census. At the end of February 2011 we received a copy of a Hampshire Chronicle report that explains why it stopped being a Public House - follow the menu item below.
The Traveller's Rest in the early 1900s The Traveller's Rest in 1998
The Traveller's Rest in 1912 This other less common view shows the “Traveller’s Rest” from the opposite direction. The photograph was taken in the field opposite Long Barlands (the long house on the left) and shows (from l to r), Long Barlands, Little Barlands, Rose Cottages 4 to 1, Rock Cottage, Rock House Farm and the “Traveller’s Rest”. It is worth noting that this picture dates from 1912 - some ten years earlier there were cottages in the empty field and where Rose & Rock Cottages have recently been built. The closeup shows the roof of Traveller’s Rest on the right of the picture.

The Traveller's Rest in 1912