Builder's Marks
If you look closely at the walls of many of the older houses and cottages in Froyle you will find odd scratchings and marks left by the builders many centuries ago. If you browse through the web site you will find references to many of them, but we don’t have a central point of reference for them - until now! Mark Carr, who lives at “Ford’s Cottage” (nowadays “The Cottage”) enquired if we had a list of them all and it is as a result of that enquiry that this section has been started.
An appeal in the Village Magazine has produced a good selection of marks, and, hopefully, in the future, we will be able to produce a definitive list with photographs. Just before Christmas 2009 I was invited to photograph builders marks in modern day usage in the village. If you live here, please have a look around the outside, and, as you will see below, the inside, of your house and see if there are any marks like those on the following pages. To make navigation easier all pages link back to the menu below.