Church Records of St Mary's

Register These are transcripts of the records of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials at St.Mary’s in Upper Froyle from the early 1600s to the early 1950s. They were originally transcribed from the registers onto record cards some 50 years ago - our data came from these cards so there are two potential areas for error, the original transcription and our interpretation of the information on the cards. The picture on the right is of one of the pages of the original registers. They are presented in year order and you can select the surname (A, B C, etc.) Unfortunately the date is not in order in the year; i.e. you may well find an event in October 1890, say, before an event in April 1890; this is due to difficulties in specifying a sensible date format in the database. Due to the varying versions of people’s name, wherever possible we have put all the other spellings/pronunciations as well. There are nearly 10,000 names in the records, so please be patient with the obvious pages (S - Smiths, K - Knights etc).
For a look at some more extracts from the actual pages, follow Extracts link below.
For those people buried in the ‘old’ churchyard (the one surrounding St Mary’s) we also have an interactive plan with those memorial inscriptions recorded by Alan McGowan in 1983. Follow the Churchyard Plan link below. As of July 2009 we also have a copy of Alan McGowans survey of the New Churchyard from 1983, and hope to develop an interactive map over the winter.
In recent years work has been done to restore several of the tombs in the churchyard - we have added a page of photographs of this work below. You can find out more about the Church of St Marys by following
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