One of the most fascinating sources of information about our history is the written word. All through the ages documents have been drawn up which shape everyone’s life. Of particular interest are the Indentures, Wills, Inventories and Deeds that record the history of the various families and buildings in the village.
Since we began collecting records many years ago, we have been loaned transcripts and made our own transcripts of legal documents relating to various houses. You will find these usually associated with the house’s own page, but, to help the browser (we hope!) we have decided to centralise all documents here as well as on the specific pages they apply to.
To further cut down the searching, they are categorised below. We would like to thank all those people who have loaned us documents, or have given us transcripts. There is some degree of cross-over in the documents, so, it is worth looking under all headings - especially where Indentures and Deeds are concerned.
In addition, we have now made all viewable documents accessible from here as well as from specific pages.
Also, you will find the entry menu to “Blundens, the History of a House” under Blundens.