More Fetes
Fete Programme from 1968
In recent years the annual Fête and Flower Show has been held on the Recreation Ground, but previously it had been held at one of the houses in Upper Froyle or at the Village School. The picture above is the cover from the 1968 Fete programme, held, incidentally, on the day we were married in Dorset - an auspicious day!
On the previous page the photograph shows the Fête when it was held at Froyle House, below we see it in the grounds of Park Edge, somewhen in the late 1950s or early 1960s, with some of the students from the Lord Mayor Treloar College (as it was then) competing in the Archery competition.
Fete at Park Edge
A selection of Fêtes is available below - both have associated videos. You can also see more recent events in the Froylcam section in Froyle Today.
Following a brief exhibition at the 70th Froyle Fête in 2016 there is now a 70 years of Fêtes section as well.