The pond at Rock House Farm title
Rock House Farm pond Five Cottages We have no old photographs of the pond at Rock House Farm - but, possibly, the drawing above by Will Andersen made at the end of the nineteenth century and entitled “At Froyle” is the pond.
The map below shows the Rock House Farm area in the 1850s, item 68 is “The Traveller's Rest” public house (presumably out of frame to the right of the drawing), while item 35 is Five Cottages, a most distinctive block of buildings (in the centre right of the drawing - click on that area for a photograph of Five Cottages for a comparison) .
Tithe map of 1847
The pond was filled in several years ago, and, nowadays, in periods of heavy rain, the road floods to quite a depth, having lost the natural drainage that the old pond provided. The picture below shows “The Travellers Rest” in 1999 - it is now a private house - the pond was where there is now a grassed area surrounded by posts.
The Travellers Rest today