Anchor pond title
1870 map
We have no old photographs of “The Anchor” pond, and, in fact, looking at the area today one could easily think that there never had been a pond. However, as the 1870 map above shows, there was a large pond adjacent to “The Anchor” public house, but we have no record of when it dried up.
This picture of a new Ford Prefect outside “The Anchor” was taken in the late 1950s, and there is no sign in the background of any pond.
The Anchor in the 1950s
This is the actual pond area in 2004 - “The Anchor” is to the left of the electricity pylon.
The Anchor pond in 2004
In December 2005 the pond re-appeared after a bout of particularly heavy rain. This view, although not quite from the same point as the picture above (it was wet!) gives some idea of what the original pond must have looked like.
The Anchor pond with water