Len Framp Dec.1939 - Mar. 1946

1st December 1939
Called to report to the Verne Citadel (Now H.M. Prison), Portland, Dorset, for 3 months basic training with the Welsh Regiment.

April 1940
Transferred to the 9th Battalion, the Royal Welsh Fusiliers for embarkation to India. After being kitted out the trip was cancelled, so we were deployed along the South Coast on coast defences.
I was now a Lance Corporal and was made Company Clerk of ‘D’ Company. Promoted Corporal 12-2-41. Returned to Company Duties. Promoted Sergeant 19-2-42 and took up duties as Platoon Sergeant.
After serving in various places in the UK, all but the senior officers and senior N.C.Os of our battalion were posted overseas and we became the Advanced Field Training Battalion for all three Welsh Regiments - the Royal Welsh Fusiliers (the only regiment in the Army to wear this black flash) - the Welsh Regiment and the South Wales Borderers. We were responsible for training all junior officers from O.C.T.Us (Officer Cadet Training Units) and all recruits when they had finished basic training.
For this new job I was sent on various courses - Platoon Weapons - Gas - Mine Laying - Street Fighting etc.
When the German war ended training battalions and establishments were run down and I was due to go to India again, but again I was taken off the draft and posted the 4th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers, which was in Germany and after a short time took up duties as A/C.S.M.

March 1946
Service ended.