Ivor Maskell

Telegraphist in an Escort Sloop H.M.S. WILD GOOSE

Senior Officer
Capt. John Walker
Cmdr D.E.G Wemyss

Length 283 ft. Tonnage 3000

Armaments3 twin 4” guns, 6 twin Oerlikons, High Explosive Depth Charges

Detecting Equipment ASDIC, H.F.Direction Finder, Radar

Built at Yarrow Yard Glasgow 1942.

Flat bottom (when in dry dock, nicknamed the “Pregnant Duck”)

Wild Goose was one of six Bird Class Sloops, which combined became the 2nd Escort Group. Based in Liverpool, H.Q. Western Approaches. Twice went on Russian convoys from Scapa Flow to Murmansk (Kola Bay).
During the 4 years, 21 U-Boats were sunk by the Group