The slides of the Rev A E Wright
St Mary's in 1888
Slide no. 95 records Froyle Church - “Some of us can remember Sir Charles Miller’s funeral and all the stir caused on that occasion; but the last time I was there was to stand at the graveside of my poor friend Apperley - (what a beautiful East Window that is yonder!!).”
Froyle Place 1888
Slide no. 94 records Froyle Park - “Sir Hubert Miller’s property was in the occupation of Mr. Wood when I took the view - Mr. Floud was Vicar and Mr. Bentwick (I think he means Bentinck) lived hard by and Mr. Apperley was at Mill Court (so that will tell you how many years it was ago). Mr. Caine followed and I remember Sir Richard Webster at Mill Court in 1881.”