Beyond 2012
Froyle Place
  • On November 8th 2012 members of the Froyle Parish Plan group visited the site and we have a gallery of photographs taken by Barry Clark in the menu below.
  • On November 22nd the Nicolas James Group made a presentation in Froyle Village Hall to the whole village of their regeneration proposal for the site - click this link to download a copy of the file.
  • In April 2013 East Hants District Council passed the development plans, and work has begun on the site.
  • At the beginning of December 2014 the finishing touches were made to the complex - follow our last visit below.

  • We are recording the transformation of, initially “Froyle Place”, and, ultimately the whole site. This is a project that will, most likely, last up to five years. The menu below will take you through the various stages, starting with Barry Clark’s 2012 photographs, followed by those taken so far by The Froyle Archive.