An Inventory of Baldwin's Farm 1661
Inventory taken of the goods and chattels of John Baldwin of Froyle in the County of Southampton, yeoman, late deceased as it was prised the 6th day of January 1661 by those whose names are herewith subscribed
£ s d
Imprimis his wearing apparell and money in his purse, 10 0 0
It In the hall one long table and frame
Two joined forms Three Clocks
Two cupboards and settle Six join stools
Two pairs of andirons
3 0 0
It In the chamber above the hall
Two bedsteads with two feather beds
with all that doth belong unto them
One great chest and press
Two trunks Two little chairs and
table and frame
8 5 0
It In the little chamber within the hall
One Join bedstead with one feather bed
with all that belongs there unto Two
old chairs Two old coffers Two
boxes and trunk with Two old tables
5 5 0
It In the chamber over the little chamber
Two bedsteads one feather bed with
all there to belonging Two old coffers
one great chest one little box
2 10 0
It In the great chamber within the hall
Two low bedsteads one feather bed
one flock bed with all things there unto
belonging one great chest with other
old lumber
3 0 0
It In the kitchen one table and form
Three chairs Four iron spits one
pair of Andirons Two pairs of pots
1 3 0
It In the milk house one pair pails
Thirteen trays with other pots and
other old lumber
0 15 0
It In the Buttery three hogsheads
five butterolls three tubs one...
one... trough with other lumber
2 2 0
It In the well house one leaden pump
Two tubs with other lumber
2 0 0
It In the Brewhouse Brewing vat
seven tubs seven... one cheese press
with other lumber
4 10 0
It In the Malt loft one quarter of
malt and one table with other lumber
1 6 0
It In the Cheese loft sixty cheeses
Three old chests with other lumber
2 10 0
It In the Smoke loft twelve flitches
of bacon with other lumber
10 0 0
It In the loft above the Buttery one
malt quern two tubs with other lumber
1 0 0
It In the garret loft four barrels of
1 0 0
It for the Pewter dishes 4 10 0
It for the brass vessel and two iron kettles 3 6 0
It for the linen 3 10 0
It the wagons dung-pots wheels
ploughs and ploughshares and harrows
15 10 0
It six cows and two calves at Lower Froyle 20 0 0
It six young heifers 2 2 0
It the wood boards and timber and
faggots with other lumber
2 0 0
It the horse and harness bridle
pannier and sadle
40 0 0
It the hay and other fodder
with the corn in the barn
130 0 0
It the Sheep 30 0 0
It the corn upon the land in the fields 62 0 0
It of debt due upon bond 10 6 0
It Six heifers or Rother beast
at Upper Froyle
12 0 0
It all the goods in the house at
Upper Froyle
6 0 0
It Also 0 12 0

Sum is

400 12 0
Andrew Baldwin
Thomas Warner
William Towers
Henry Wake