Education in Froyle
Froyle School and  School house
There had been a Dame School at Lower Froyle before 1856. In that year Henry Burningham built a room to be used as a school onto the main building of Froyle Cottage in Upper Froyle as a memorial to his son Francis Carleton Burningham who died aged 7 in 1856. The school was founded by Sir Charles Hayes Miller in 1867, but was not opened until after his death in 1868. The school and school house were built with the last of the stone quarried from Quarry Bottom. The ‘hard’ stone had been used up, and that used to build the school house, two years after the school, is rather ‘soft’.
As a result of falling numbers of children, Froyle School finally closed its doors in the summer of 1986. It is now a private house

August 9th 2003 saw the launch of a history of Froyle School, published by the Froyle Archive, entitled ‘A Village School’. For more details, click here.