Schooldays! We all remember something about them. Were they really the ‘happiest days of our lives’? ‘A Village School’ is the story of one small Hampshire school and the children who were taught there during its 118 year history.
Today the bell in the tower of the primary school in Froyle is silent, there is no longer a playground, alive with the sound of children’s merry voices. The village school is now a private house. But it is a building with a quite unique history - a history that has been recorded from the day it opened as a school on Nov 2nd, 1868 to the day it closed on July 16th, 1986.
Through the log books and the memories of those who attended the school, this book tells the story of education in this tiny Hampshire village, but it could be the story of any school, in any village and, as such, will hopefully rekindle some happy memories in you, the reader, so that you might agree that those days really were ‘the happiest days of our lives.’

“A Village School”
by Annette Booth & Nora Jupe
ISBN 0 9545460 0 8
published by The Froyle Archive
To buy your copy, cost £9.99 (+ £2.50 p&p in the UK), please send a cheque (payable to Annette Booth) to the address below:-

Annette Booth,
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Lower Froyle,
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