Tog of war at Froyle Fete
This photograph was lent to us by Alec Wells (incidentally our next door neighbour, who sadly died in 2008) who was a member of the very successful Froyle Tug of War team in the late 1940s and early 1950s. In those days the Froyle team won many trophies in the various local competitions. Training involved hoisting heavy weights suspended over the branches of tall trees!
The picture shows the annual village fête in the early 1950s on the only occasion (as far as we are aware) that it was held in the grounds of Froyle House. Unfortunately the picture had lost the top right corner, but, in the Froyle WI Scrapbooks, we have a photocopy of the same picture and I have been able to effect enough of a repair to give a better idea of the overall view.
The victorious tug of war team
The Froyle tug of war team
(Alec Wells is second from left)