War Memorial
1914-1918 A-M 1914-1918 N-Y 1939-1945
1914-1918 1939-1945
Nelson Aitcheson
Lt.Thomas Aitcheson
William Ayres
Andrew Binfield
Frederick Binfield
Tom Brownjohn
Reginald Cooper
Charles Hillier
Robert Hillier
David Hounsham
Frank Hounsham
Charles Ivil
Frederick Knight
Capt.Wilfrid Messenger
Edward Mitchell
James Neale
Frederick North
James Oakley
Frederick Oliver
Henry Pinnells
Walter Pinnells
Robert Scrivener
Herbert Shurville
Gladstone Steer
Albert Stratton
Capt.William Summers M.C.
Richard Vickery
Albert Ward
Albert Webb P.O., R.N.
Percy Yalden
Hubert Brownjohn
Richard Humphrey Chubb
Charles Goodyear
Reginald John Morgan
William Ashley Morris
Phyllis Savage
William Stevens
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