Highway Cottages December 2017

Last month there was a sad event in Lower Froyle, when a fire in the roof destroyed nos. 1&2 Highway Cottages.

Luckily there were no injuries although both cottages were totally wrecked following the roof fire.
These cottages were built around 1700 and have been a landmark for many years.
They were Grade 2 listed in 1975 and, as a result, will be subject to strict constraints when they are rebuilt.

Our thoughts go out to the owners and we hope to be able to follow the rebuild when it starts.

The Electoral Registers for Froyle from Spring 1919 to Autumn 1931 are nearing completion by the end of this January. We’ve spent most of the Summer transcribing them, and they, in conjunction with the 1939 Register, will extend our record of Froyle folk to 1939. Currently we are showing 1919,1921,1922 & 1923.

(Picture from Hampshire Fire & Rescue) Chris & Annette Booth

Through these pages you can explore the village of Froyle and its history as well as reliving the memories of its inhabitants.
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The Froyle Archive has published three books on the history of Froyle, for more details follow the link above

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